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Brindol’s populace is mostly human with the occasional half-elf, dwarf or halfling thrown in for good measure. Inside the town walls is mostly full curving streets lined with small houses and cottages. There are a few notable exceptions including the College of Ioun, Brindol Keep and several private estates. On the other side of the walls, farms cover the landscape in all directions.

Locations of Interest:
Thisrty Zombie – Tavern
Antler and Thistle – Tavern
Craven Raven – Tavern
The Laughing Manticore – Tavern
The Stone Wyvern – Inn
Red Magic and Sundries – Magic Shop
Shank’s Shivs – Weapon Shop
Cathedral Square – Shrines to Bahamut
Shrine of the Sun – Temple of Pelor
Temple of Erathis – Temple
College of Ioun – Temple, Library, School
Velorian’s – Playhouse
Brindol Keep
Great Hall of Valor

People of Interest:
Adronis Ambershard – Elderly Alchemist
Bram Van Hyden – Wealthy Landowner, Councilmember of Brindol
Cale Graylock- Pelor Priest
Edward Troyas – Councilmember of Brindol
Feck Shank – Weapon Merchant
Fenton Graylock
Jalissa Brightwater – Acolyte of Ioun
Keaen Swiller – Local woodsman, hunter, guide
Kartenix Redraven – Captain of the Guard
Korlag Ambershard – Armor Merchant
Lorak Balefrost – Bartender at the Thirsty Zombie.
Lorelei Webb – Barmaid at the Thirsty Zombie.
Mirtala Leerstorm – cook for The Craven Raven
Norris Fletcher
Quentin Silvergraft – retired adventurer. Owns a menagerie.
Peter Drumwind
Sertanian Kroft – Keeper of the Hall of Great Valor.
Tamond Webb – Arcane Merchant
Thurann Redraven – Eight year old boy.
Tura Fletcher – Jewelery Merchant
Vincent Drumwind
Zerriksa Kreel – Herbalist, rumored to be a witch.


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