Additional Backgrounds or Character Hooks

Guild Member – For martial or arcane heroes – an apprentice guildsperson from Port Haven. Your specific class will help define the guild and requirements are demanded from you. Your purpose is to serve the guild.

Orphan – For arcane heroes – A ship that you were on sunk when you were very little. You grew up at an orphanage in Port Haven.

Native – You grew up in Brindol or nearby. Your family farmed the land, fished the river or contributed to the town for several generations. If human, you can elect to choose to be the nephew/niece of Bram Van Hyden, a wealthy land-owner and council member. If dwarven, you can elect to be the nephew/niece of Korlag Ambershard, the resident Armorsmith.

Foreign Diplomat – You’ve been selected by King Gaius of the Sunhome Kingdom to journey to Feldon Valley and provide updates on the unstable region.

Gladiator – A champion of the arena of the city Duskhome, you now seek fame and glory in the real world. A good background for more “monsterous” races.

Prophetic dreams (PRIMAL CLASS) – You’ve recently been plagued by nightmare’s of the destruction of the Sacred Grove of the Treants.

White Lotus Academy (ARCANE CLASS)

Silver Blade (MARTIAL CLASS)

Red Rock Dwarf – A first generation hill dwarf from the Red Rock Hills. Your entire community was forced to flee your rightful home in Mount Karakas after the Law of Depths was broken.

City Dwarf -

Additional Backgrounds or Character Hooks

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