Feldon Valley

Brindol in Flames

The quiet town of Brindol suffered an unprovoked attack from a horde of hobgoblins calling themselves the Red Hand of Doom. The invaders burst into homes and stores, plundered what they could and then set the place ablaze, all the while shouting “For Sinruth! For the Hand!”

Three young heroes were enjoying conversation and drinks when a group of hobgoblins barged into the Antler and Thistle. Jumping into action, the heroes rushed to the aid of the other patrons in the tavern. With the tavern aflame, the melee spilled into the streets where the heroes came face to face with a large ogre, harnessed to a cart filled with casks of pitch and two hobgoblin archers. The carnage of the ogre’s brutal and savage attacks decimated the small band of warriors. Once the ogre was slain, the pummeled heroes turned on the hobgoblin archers who killed the young hero Kavit before being defeated.


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